The newest in Anti-Scale & Corrosion Inhibitor
Engineered Technology For Water Treatment Solutions


Got Scale?

why choose clear point 77?

Formulated with Green, Natural, and Recycled Ingredients.

CP77 Media is not made from any synthetic petroleum products as are some of the leading anti-scale media. CP77 process media contains no resins or polyphosphates.

CP77 Media is not susceptible to fouling, chlorine or chloramine, or limitations that the other leading anti- scaling media is susceptible to. Heavy metals such as copper etc do not effect our media.

CP77 Protects:

Your Low Cost Scale Media

And the best of all…CP77 Media is a much lower cost compared to the leading Anti-Scale media.


Long-term solution for protecting industrial, commercial and residential water treatment applications.


Prevents scale and corrosion in all commercial food service equipment, industrial and residential hot water heaters and a wide range of industries.

Made In The USA

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