CP77 Media from CLEARPOINT

Presenting the newest in anti-scale technology….

CP77 Media from CLEARPOINT

Simply formulated with all “GREEN”, NATURAL AND RECYCLED ingredients

CP77 Media is not made from any synthetic petroleum products as are some of the leading anti-scale media.

CP77 Media is not susceptible to fouling, chlorine or chloramine, heavy metals or limitations that the other leading anti-scaling media is susceptible to.

Protects and prevents long term corrosion of all food service and beverage equipment/steamers/coffee/tea brewers/all commercial/industrial and residential applications form hard scale mineral water.

(NO) PRETREATMENT of incoming water with sediment or carbon block is necessary in city water applications. However if available it is suggested to utilize.

CP77 is available in 4 formulas and medias depending on your application.

Customization options are available to tailor your anti scale and corrosion issues with our blended medias to meet your specific requirements.

Long-term solution for protecting hot water heating elements from scaling and corrosion.

Prevents scale from attaching to and clogging small orifices.

Any minimal scale build-up is easily wiped away making servicing and maintenance of equipment quick and easy

And the best of all….CP77 Media is a much lower cost compared to the other leading anti-scale media.

CP77 Media can be easily applied to your specific application for controlling scale and corrosion. Consult with our specialists to learn more about how to apply CP77 Media to your scale and corrosion problems.