Product Overview

Scale and Corrosion Inhibitor

Product Overview

Scale and Corrosion Inhibitor





CP77 Media from CLEARPOINT

Formulated with all “GREEN”, NATURAL AND RECYCLED ingredients

CP77 Media is not made from any synthetic petroleum products as are some of the leading anti-scale media.

CP77 Media is not susceptible to fouling, chlorine or chloramine, heavy metals or limitations that the other leading anti-scaling media is susceptible to.

Protects and prevents long term corrosion of all food service and beverage equipment/steamers/coffee/tea brewers/all commercial/industrial and residential applications form hard scale mineral water.

(NO) PRETREATMENT of incoming water with sediment or carbon block is necessary in city water applications. However if available it is suggested to utilize.

CP77 is available in Four Process Media Formulas and medias depending on your application.

Customization options are available to tailor your anti scale and corrosion issues with our blended medias to meet your specific requirements.

Long-term solution for protecting all hot water heating applications from scaling and corrosion.

Prevents scale from attaching to and clogging small orifices.

Any minimal scale build-up is easily wiped away making servicing and maintenance of equipment quick and easy

And the best of all….CP77 Media is a Significantly lower cost compared to the other leading anti-scale media.

CP77 Media can be easily applied to your specific application for controlling scale and corrosion. Consult with our specialists to learn more about how to apply CP77 Media to your scale and corrosion problems.

Insuring all aspects of the water meet the machine manufacturers’ specifications is an important step in meeting equipment warranty requirements, improving operations and extending the life of the machine.


pH range of incoming water:
6.5 to 9.5
75 Grains (1,300 ppm CaCO3)
40 to 145 ºF (4 to 70ºC)
no limit; CP77 is resistant to chlorine and chloramine and heavy metals
Iron, Ferrous:
up to 1 mg/L (other equipment may require iron removal)
up to 0.5 mg/L (other equipment may require iron removal)
≤ 1.3 mg/L (USEPA Primary Drinking Water Regulations Action Level; > 1.3 mg/L requires pretreatment)
Fats, Oil and Grease FOG):
remove prior to use of CP77.
H2S (hydrogen sulfide):
< 0.2 mg/L (odor threshold of H2S is approx. 0.2 mg/L)
Specially Blended Anti-Scale & Corrosion Granules
Various sizes of each blended material, 0.3 mm up to 10 mm
Various, blended granules of white, green, black, purple, red and amber
Various, depending on order size from 5 to 180 liters
Bulk Density:
1.22 Kg/L; 10.2 lb/gallon; 76 lb/cu.ft.
Moisture Content:
approx. < 2%
Service Flow Rate:
1 GPM per 200 mL of CP77.
Bed Depth:
2 -4 inches (10.2 - 20.4 centimeters) in most applications
25% of bed depth (Max.); Recommended 1 GPM flow rate for a 2.5 in diameter cartridge containing approximately 200 mL (244 grams) of CP77, per 2.5-inch bed depth (Flow Velocity, FV, of 0.2 inches per second - FV = Volumetric Flow Rate/Surface Area)
For continuous or intermittent flow (no “caking” of media during none-flow periods)
Operation in Up flow mode provides for self-cleaning action of CP77 media
No Pretreatment (sediment or carbon block) is necessary in city water applications. It is recommended if available.

why choose clear point?

CP77 vs Resin Anti Scale Media

CP77: In most applications, the volume of CP77 needed is less to achieve the same or better results. We have four process medias and formulas to address all of your scale and corrosion issues.

Backwashing/Volume – None required.  CP77: Also None required. The up flow operation of CP77 provides for “self – cleaning” action (see below).

Service Frequency – None required…..?? Depends on the quality of incoming water!! If fouled or degraded by chlorine or chloramine and or heavy metals anti-scale resins would need to be replaced.

CP77: resists fouling by the fluidized media creating a “self-cleaning” action that constantly renews the media surface. 

This self-cleaning action removes fouling agents like metal oxides and organic matter. The totally inorganic CP77 media Is completely resistant to degradation by chlorine and chloramine….NO CHLORINE OR CHLORAMINE LIMITATION and heavy metals not affected by heavy metals (Iron, Copper, Lead, Manganese, Zinc/etc.).

Regenerant Volume – None required…..However, some waters high in magnesium and elevated p H (> 8) may foul resin media with magnesium oxide (MgO) which requires regenerating with hot water to dissolve away the MgO.

CP 77: Not affected by magnesium oxide, MgO

NO: Electricity, Salt, Chemicals, Backwash or Maintenance required.

Packaging available from 5 liters to 180 Liters

WQA Certified/NSF/ANSI 42/61/372

Manufactured in USA

Patent Pending